Project Awesome **SACCAGE VERSION**

"And what's the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge." - Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Just in case you missed it in Episode III (if you missed it, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE!?!?!), here's another glimpse of some rather awesome Sakhaline-Tan-style artwork!!


Seeing this image of 4chan's "king" in all his glory reminds me of all the things I hate about Japanese-style fan conventions. When visiting various conventions, there are three things I hate DESPISE. I'll save the other two hates for another time, but one of the BIG things I hate about cons, and even the Internet, is THE GAME.

Seriously, WTF? Imagine cruising around somewhere like the MCM Expo in London, or Japan Expo in Paris, or even the San Diego Comic-con (hopefully someday I will be there too!!!), and suddenly some asshole comes up to you and shouts "THE GAME". I mean, once, it's OK, but repeated times, over and over again. What the hell!? OK, I "lost" the game, but so what? It sounds like something only the small-minded think about 'cos they've got bored of thinking about Naruto all the time. OK, ok, so the Free Hugs retards may be slightly more numerous. But at least they're looking for love. (They're still assholes btw).


Yeah, I know. I'm BORED!!


oh god did i actually DO THIS ???

OH NOES! It's teh evil Moot! Run to the hills! Run for your lives! XD

Free Hugs.

Shall we stick this up on 4chan? xD xD xD

Yeah, Project Awesome, GO ! Raid 4 chan !

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