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"And what's the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge." - Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Regular visitors to this blog (if they exist) may have noticed my apparent absence for the past few weeks. To apologise for this, here's a picture of a monkey with a gun.

So here's what happened, in consecutive order. My birthday, the frantic run up to Christmas, Christmas, New Years, run up to exams, OMFG EXAMS FREAKOUT!!!!!!, exams chill out, and even after all of that... NO PASSWORD.

I have to admit, I even forgot the fucking damn e-mail I use to log into this blog! *hits head against wall in dispair*

But now I'm exceedingly happy to say...

Episode four imminent. MOAR AWESOME also coming soon!

Just in case you missed it in Episode III (if you missed it, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE!?!?!), here's another glimpse of some rather awesome Sakhaline-Tan-style artwork!!


Seeing this image of 4chan's "king" in all his glory reminds me of all the things I hate about Japanese-style fan conventions. When visiting various conventions, there are three things I hate DESPISE. I'll save the other two hates for another time, but one of the BIG things I hate about cons, and even the Internet, is THE GAME.

Seriously, WTF? Imagine cruising around somewhere like the MCM Expo in London, or Japan Expo in Paris, or even the San Diego Comic-con (hopefully someday I will be there too!!!), and suddenly some asshole comes up to you and shouts "THE GAME". I mean, once, it's OK, but repeated times, over and over again. What the hell!? OK, I "lost" the game, but so what? It sounds like something only the small-minded think about 'cos they've got bored of thinking about Naruto all the time. OK, ok, so the Free Hugs retards may be slightly more numerous. But at least they're looking for love. (They're still assholes btw).


Yeah, I know. I'm BORED!!

TRIPLE POST GET!!! (kind of...)

This is my third blog post in the space of 24 hours... I like this new method of procrastination! I can dodge my work and still feel like I'm accomplishing something!

*Ahem* Procrastination aside, the real reason for this particular 00:00 adventure into the world of Cyberspace is to announce something that I hope to start work on over Christmas and into 2010. Anime reviews. Yes, once a week / fortnight / whenever, I plan to spend time looking at some of the best and worst (mainly the worst) anime series around. Hopefully in video form, although that's not been confirmed yet (damn Student loans!!). So, if there's an anime series out there that you haven't seen, and want to know if it's either a **MUST SEE** or She: The Ultimate Weapon standard (definitely NOT a must see by any means!), feel free to suggest something and I'll review it.

Similarly, if there's an anime out there you've seen, and you want to know what my opinion on how good / bad it is, then again, please suggest it. I know these reviews are only being added to the hundreds of other opinions out there, but as you may have seen so far, I know my stuff, don't worry about that! ^_^

Peace Out!!

The Side Project. Coming December 2009.

It's episode three, half-baked fresh from the always-burning SACCAGE oven!
Level 100-Kun

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Friday. Oh gods, that seems so long ago.....

First things first - Episode Three. By the time I finish writing this, it should be on Youboob. Apologies for the extended delay - sadly, in this crazy, mixed up world we live in, the education I'm paying for (Grrrrrr) must come first. Once I awaken from my extended sleep (aka tomorrow), I'll post it up here.

Oh yeah, LONDON! Sadly due to filming / time constraints, we only got three videos of note... but trust me, they're crackers. And by crackers, I mean NUTS. Controversy! Insanity! Cosplayers! We have them all, and those three episodes will make up the final part of the first season of SACCAGE. We still got 5/6 videos to go from the J-Culture Con in Derby, plus a few more surprises planned, but after that you'll see London Collectormania appearing in 2010.

Hope you guys enjoy Episode Three... when it turns up!!

Why the hell do I put up deadlines just to miss them?

Actually, episode three is in it's post-production stage now (aka where it stays on my hard drive waiting for me to convert it into something youtube will like), so it's ready to go up on Friday. The episode after that (imaginatively titled episode four) may have to be postponed due to the editing of a TOP SECRET SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME MINI-VIDEO which will probably be stuck up on here. But hell, postponing the release of the next video just adds to the tension and hype right?

Anyways, onto what I'm actually supposed to be talking about. This Saturday (i.e. 28th) the SACCAGE team will be at the London Collectormania con to slob around get some more videos filmed. So, if you live within travelling distance of the most stuck up city this side of the Atlantic Ocean and you want to be part of what will probably be Series Two of SACCAGE, then come on down! More information on Collectormania can be found here.

Peace out!!

Here it is, the long-awaited second episode!
Abyssinion and Seff

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